The era of four centuries ago was marked
by colonial expansion into the New World,
propelled by the bloody quarrels of
monarchies and aristocracies vying for
wealth and power. Out of imperial piracy
and conquest arose refugees from many
nations and all walks of life who sought to
escape the swelling tide of tyranny.
Freedom had found its cause. Most of these
courageous souls were not men of rank and
status, but tradesmen, craftsmen, farmers,
inventors, yet dreamers all. Finding
themselves shielded in part by the great
Atlantic Ocean from the oppression of their
homelands, these noble commoners dared
to plant their dream of personal liberty on
the eastern shores of America. Though
under the shadows of several nations, the
people of the American colonies were
spirited in a sense all of their own, united in
common purpose and ideals, committing
themselves to diligence, justice, charity,
equality, faith, personal responsibility and
achievement, and above all, the hope of a
better world which these principles create.
When prevailing powers threatened to
extinguish the fledgling dream of freedom,
these men took up arms and laid down their
lives, offering the "last full measure of
devotion: to the original American Dream -"
to the cause of freedom.
The ten generations that followed the birth
of America have witnessed the rise of the
United States from shaky colonial
confederation to the greatest nation the
world has ever known. After repelling
foreign aggression from several nations and
even overcoming her own internal conflict,
the American people became galvanized by
their founding principles. American diligence
was the forerunner of innovation in the
Industrial Revolution, forever changing the
world with many inventions still in use today.
American ingenuity brought the world into
the Information Age and so birthed a new
era of commerce and education. American
justice and equality has granted over two
hundred years of peaceful succession of
power, during which time it has defended
liberty and promoted free democracy across
the world. American charity, both on the
national and personal level, has continually
lead the world in humanitarian effort and
foreign aid to suffering regions and entire
nations, even at the cost of her own sons
and daughters. This is the American
heritage, the people's inheritance, granted
by the founding fathers' wisdom and the
brave patriots' blood. It is for us to
remember and uphold freedom's cause, the
"government of the people, by the people,
for the people, shall not perish from the
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