24" x 30"
Signed & Numbered:
Limited Edition of 850
with color 8x10 certificate
8" x 10"
Certificate of
Text on the
certificate shown
Texas Tough
18" x 24"
Signed: $30.
Three Tough Breeds
18" x 24"
Signed: $30.
Texas hill country and
pictures Texas Longhorns
crossing a river and
mountain lion lurking in
the underbrush down
The dry brush watercolor
depicts the animal
kingdom in a position
often found in the human
race. One has a vision and
is willing to lead but
because of the minor
obstacles ahead the
majority wants to go the
other way. There is always
comfort in a majority but it
is seldom the right way to
True leadership is to serve.
Not serving your own self
interest but serving to the
benefit of those around you.
Leadership could also be
appropriately named
"responsibility". Leadership
does not come with an
easy yoke. If you are willing
to lead in the right direction
be prepared to battle the
obstacles ahead.
Gary Crouch - 2004
Texas Tough gives a
brief mention  of the
Chisholm Trail and the
legend of the cowboy
from 1860 to 1890.
Three Tough Breeds -
the pioneer, the buffalo,
and the longhorn.
The transition from the
buffalo ruling the open
range to the take over of
the longhorn.
Texas In The
Civil War
9" x 12"
Text describes the
involvement of
Texas; outlining
battles and
locations where
Texans fought; also
shows the National
flags of the