16" x 38"   Ret. $45.
24" x 30" - Ret. $45.
This print is packed with
accurate detail showing every
railroad and town name, and
more, in the state of Texas in
1900. Each rail line in keyed to a
numbered nomenclature.
Several patent drawings of early
locomotives and a brief history of
the beginning railway lines in
Cast iron rails and early
Scale 1" = 45 miles
24 x 30 signed
in the American
Reflection Series.
24" x 30"
$45. - signed
Main map by Stephen
Fuller Austin in 1837 -
(land grants). Shows 5
maps of the geographical
development of Texas
with historical text on
colonization, revolution
and republic- surrounded
by line-art of the period.
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page for this print
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24" X 36"
Retail $48.
"Let the brave rally to
the standard",
was Sam
Houston's call to Texians as they
rallied to rise against the tyranny
of the times.
Of all the Americans who went
west in the 19th Century, none
held a stronger claim to
singularity than the pioneers who
boldly planted their roots in the
soil of Texas. They were the first
Americans ever to settle the
immense land west of Missouri.
They were the only Americans
ever to settle in a land ruled by a
large and unfriendly power. And
they created the only American
state ever to join the union as a
prosperous and populous nation,
after which they proceeded to
make it infinitely more
prosperous and populous. All this
the Texans accomplished with
spectacular flourish, in barely
four decades, under
circumstances that would
certainly have defeated a less
daring and ambitious people.
Theirs was an unlikely sweep of
history, replete with Texas-sized
phenomena: frontiering on a
colossal scale, fantastic business
deals, incredible battles, larger
than life heroes. The Texans won
a bitter war of independence of
1836, two years before the
United States began to make a
systematic survey of the Western
wilderness. By 1860, the state
was home to more than 600,000
venturesome, maverick Texans.
"Texas Peacemakers" honors
Texas and the men who made it
the greatest "country" in the
"Texas Legacy II"
24" x 30"
Retail: $45.
"Last Chance"
(lawmen & outlaws)
24" x 30"  Ret. $45.
Shows the
development of the
Texas flag and
history surrounding
each flag. Cattle
trails, Texas
Ranger badges.
Full of early Texas
"Steel Justice"
24" x 30" Ret. $45.
"Law & Order Of The West"
24'  x 30" Ret. $45.