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"Barbs Brands
24" x 30"
price based on
"Texas Before
Barbed Wire"
24" x 30"
price based on
24" X 30"
signed - $45.
24" X 30"
signed $45.
Cowboy Class is a study
of the rudiments of the
cowboy's equipment. The
central image of a rain
cloud on the plains
backdrops a Pony
Express rider at full
Smoke at the river's edge
marks a morning camp
fire unquenched. Saddle,
spur, Colt 45, Winchester
with nomenclature for
"Wagons West On
Eagles Wings"
24" x 30"
priced based on
size: 24" x 30"
Celebrating Texas' oil and gas
industry from 1866 to 2009, this
print gives overview details of
many historical events in Texas
history. Early Texas oil centers
with years developed, drill bits
from 1955 to today, drawings of
early equipment, gas pumps with
that incredible price of 25 cents
per gallon, to the companies of
today who work to continue the
legacy of the great state of Texas;
all surrounding an early Texas oil
field artwork bordered by historic
photos subtle in the background.
"Texas Generations"
24" x 36"  Retail $48.
"Texas 2"
24" x 30"
Ret. $45.
Texas 2 explains how our
current state boundary
came about. The map
along with text records
the early Texas oil fields
up to 1901; Civil War
battle sites with historic
dates and national flags
after secession from the
union; the State Capitol
construction history;
railroad routes of 1873
and 1901 shown; Indian
tribe locations; with
towns of the period.
Ret. $45.
Center art depicts
the "range battle" of
the buffalo and the
longhorn in the
1800s when the
longhorn became to
dominate the range.