24" X 30"
First official TEXAS
Commemorative print marking the
Texas Rangers two hundred years
of serving the people of Texas.
Beginning in 1821.
Licensed by the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame
"Texas Tribute"
First Responders
"Last Chance"
(lawmen & outlaws)
24" x 30"  Ret. $45.
24" X 36"
Retail $48.
"Let the brave rally to the standard", was Sam
Houston's call to Texians as they rallied to rise against the
tyranny of the times.
Of all the Americans who went west in the 19th Century, none
held a stronger claim to singularity than the pioneers who
boldly planted their roots in the soil of Texas. They were the
first Americans ever to settle the immense land west of
Missouri. They were the only Americans ever to settle in a
land ruled by a large and unfriendly power. And they created
the only American state ever to join the union as a
prosperous and populous nation, after which they proceeded
to make it infinitely more prosperous and populous. All this
the Texans accomplished with spectacular flourish, in barely
four decades, under circumstances that would certainly have
defeated a less daring and ambitious people.
Theirs was an unlikely sweep of history, replete with
Texas-sized phenomena: frontiering on a colossal scale,
fantastic business deals, incredible battles, larger than life
heroes. The Texans won a bitter war of independence of
1836, two years before the United States began to make a
systematic survey of the Western wilderness. By 1860, the
state was home to more than 600,000 venturesome,
maverick Texans.
"Texas Peacemakers" honors Texas and the men who made
it the greatest "country" in the world.
"Steel Justice"
24" x 30" Ret. $45.
"Law & Order Of The West"
24'  x 30" Ret. $45.
"Liberty Heritage"
size: 24" x 30"
retail: $45.
In celebration of a sacred emblem of
freedom, "Liberty Heritage" extols the
time-tested and steadfast guarantee of the
American people's empowerment.
Emblazoned with images of firearms from
many eras of American history, the original
symbol of the United States' freedom is
depicted in all its forms.
To recognize the citizen's unquestionable
will and voice, "Liberty Heritage: shows the
backbone of the American Revolution, the
legendary Minuteman with his
muzzle-loader, followed by an icon of the
next generation, a mythic hero of the
American frontier, who in turn yields to an
set beneath a clock tower whose face is set
five minutes to 12 o'clock to signal the
growing lack of concern regarding the right
to bear arms.
The imagery serves to highlight the many
quotes from founding fathers and later
historic American heroes who esteemed the
firearm as the means by which the founding
fathers upheld their self-evident truths, and
that the firearm is to remain the promise of
preserving American sacrifice and victory for
future generations.
Join with us as we rally around our heritage
of liberty, that we retain our one and only
reliable safeguard against tyranny.
"Buffalo Frontier"
16" x 38"  Ret. $45.
Buffalo rifles and brief account of the
buffalo herds during the 1800s.
previous prints, each showing buffalo on
the range. The rifles were commonly
used to hunt the buffalo. Text gives brief
account of the buffalo frontier 1870 to