"Buffalo Frontier"
16" x 38"  Ret. $45.
Buffalo rifles and brief account of the
buffalo herds during the 1800s.
The West is the latest art
commemorating the
American West.
This  24" x 30" print shows
47 guns of the West, 30
early law badges (many
rare), bullets, shot sizes,
patent drawings of early
gun patents, and more
surrounds the central art
sub-titled, "Partners In
Pursuit". Retail: $45.
signed by Gary Crouch
Buffalo Frontier is sized to companion
The TEXAN", 16" x 38". The three
colorful  illustrations are from three
previous prints, each showing buffalo on
used to hunt the buffalo. Text gives brief
account of the buffalo frontier 1870 to
24" x 30"
Retail - $45.
Barbed Inventions
shows wire, machines and
tools used in forming barbed
wire. The wire samples,
named and dated, are
different than the wire shown
central art shows a vast land
with a fence and a Harris
Hawk setting atop one post
of the fence.
"Lost Wagons"
24" x 30"
Retail - $45.
Lost Wagons central art
shows an abandoned
wagon in western territory.
The oval art is surrounded
by wagons of the past,
from the Conestoga to the
Chuck wagon with
nomenclature of
"Signs Of Winter"
24" x 30"
(Gallery Print )
Ret. $45.
The Gallery Print displays
28 select prints from 2002
to 2008.
The central painting shows
a pioneer crossing the river
with an Indian on
horseback in the edge of
the trees viewing the
leaving of the early morning
24" x 30" $45.
Great companion print to
Law & Order of the West.
All the guns on this print are
different from those on Law &
Order Of The West.
Has 49 spur rowls, 46 guns
and other perior gear.
The central art depicts the
"steel justice" being served on
an outlaw of the times (his
black hat being left behind as
he hi-tails it to escape).