24" x 30"
Limited Edition of 3500
signed and numbered with
$75.00 retail
Surveyor history with early
surveying tools dating back to
14th century
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24" X 30"
Retail $45.
9" x 12" Allegiance to
Freedom - $10.
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size: 24" x 30"
retail: $45.
In celebration of a sacred emblem of
freedom, "Liberty Heritage" extols the
time-tested and steadfast guarantee of the
American people's empowerment.
Emblazoned with images of firearms from
many eras of American history, the original
symbol of the United States' freedom is
depicted in all its forms.
To recognize the citizen's unquestionable
will and voice, "Liberty Heritage: shows the
backbone of the American Revolution, the
legendary Minuteman with his
muzzle-loader, followed by an icon of the
next generation, a mythic hero of the
American frontier, who in turn yields to an
unmanned rifle of our modern day and age
set beneath a clock tower whose face is set
five minutes to 12 o'clock to signal the
growing lack of concern regarding the right
to bear arms.
The imagery serves to highlight the many
quotes from founding fathers and later
historic American heroes who esteemed the
firearm as the means by which the founding
fathers upheld their self-evident truths, and
that the firearm is to remain the promise of
preserving American sacrifice and victory for
future generations.
Join with us as we rally around our heritage
of liberty, that we retain our one and only
reliable safeguard against tyranny.
American Heritage