has gained significant popularity. He is
known as the "Western History Artist".
"There is a fine line," he said, between
illustrations and fine art. I do some
illustrations, some paintings, come
posters, but I consider most of my prints
fine art, not posters.
Commissions for magazine designs, cover
illustrations and brochures came from
many Fortune 500 companies such as
Xerox, American Airlines, Sony, Associates,
Campbell Taggart, and Johnson &
A few years ago, he downsized, closed his
commercial studio and moved his
business to his home in Burleson, a
suburb of Fort Worth, where he and his wife
Constance of 32 years currently reside.
Given the beauty and quality of the art
prints, bronzes and original art he
produces, it might well be said, "Don't be
surprised wherever you go, to find a work
created by Gary Crouch.
Born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1946, Gary has
lived in North Texas most of his life. A
self-taught artist since the age of eleven, he
was professional before he could vote and
has had his own business since 1966.
Although fine art commissions were scarce
in the early years, Gary continued to develop
his abilities, working in pencil, pen and ink,
acrylic and oil and extensively in airbrush.
In 1969, he was drafted into the U.S. Army
and assigned as an illustrator in Vietnam. He
received the Bronze Star, Meritorious
Achievement, and Presidential Citation while
serving in the military.
Fine art had been his focus early in his
career, but as his family grew, it was
necessary to diversify into advertising and
marketing. He started creating brochures,
cover illustrations because it was more
lucrative and there was more of that kind of
business available.
Much of his reputation as an artist rests on
the superior quality of the prints he has
produced. In the late 1970s and early 1980s
over 25 limited edition prints of his work were
created and sold nationally. He also
designed and illustrated educational posters
on Creationism used in 120 countries at
colleges and universities. Most of Gary's work
today involves the history of the West. His
prints are collected nationally and even in
Europe and Japan where the American West
About the Artist
You may call or email Gary for any
questions or comments, or
questions concerning commissions
Comments from the artist
Please direct all print purchasing
questions to ACI.
"I have been asked many
times, "Is your work paintings,
photos, drawings, or what ?"
The answer is yes. Most of my
work is a combination of all the
above. Usually the central
piece is an airbrush, oil, or
acrylic work that is scanned
into the computer in order to
build the other effects and
combinations that are
composed to form the overall
image. An artist will use
whatever medium is available
to accomplish the desired
result and today we have a
large variety of creative tools."